Huge thanks to all of you out there who support me and my site. I've been an online staple for years now and I will never forget those of you who've continued to support me. I dedicate this site to all of you.

I have so many photo sets and videos inside... you'll have to see it all for yourself to believe it. I've always taken great pride in my site and absolutely love being a part of the internet modeling scene. I'm not your average, run-of-the-mill girl. I'm unique, and proud of it! If you want to know a little bit about little ol' me then this is the place to be!

Real amateur sites like mine are here because of fans like you so I really hope you stick around and help keep my site online for years to come. You'll never know how much each and every one of you truly mean to me.

Hopefully I'll see you all inside!

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Age: Barely 18, obviously!
Height: 5'6"
Bust: 36C
Status: Single
Smoker: Nope
Children: None yet
Location: North Carolina, U.S.A.

General: I'd tell you that I'm your regular girl-next-door teen, but I'm far from regular! How many regular teens do you know that have their own website? As you can tell, I definitely have a spunky side to me and don't mind showing off my body at all. And to get one thing clear right away... no, my breasts aren't fake! They're all natural, baby.

I first started modeling online way back in 2003 when I was super young. I didn't have any tattoos back then, understandably. In early 2004 I began work on this site after I was contacted by Serena, who was a hugely popular net model at the time. I jumped at the chance to work with her! We hit it off and became good friends. She even took some photos and videos with me. I'm openly bisexual so I loved that! Yes, you read that right. I'm really bi, unlike most girls who just say they are for shock value. I've even dated girls before. I think you'll be able to tell from photos and videos that I'm the real deal! I'm very comfortable with my sexuality. Anyhow,

I love tattoos, and even though some fans were shocked when I started getting them, I decided in the end that it's my body and my artwork doesn't change who I am inside. It's all just an expression of me, and you either like it or you hate it! One thing's for sure, though; it's definitely different! There really aren't many amateur tattoo models out there.

Speaking of tattoos, I love art and design all of my own tattoos. In my spare time you can either find me drawing or playing video games! That's right; I love video games! Maybe I'm a closet dork. All I know is I absolutely love playing games, especially online. I'm addicted to online role playing games. I spend countless hours of my day playing games like MapleStory and Aion. I guess I'm kind of a tomboy in a lot of ways.

You'll probably learn even more about me from just seeing me in photos and videos, so join me inside! There's a lot to see and do in here and I know you'll just love it!
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Over 10,000 of my exclusive photos along with tons of videos inside... and growing! I really think you'll get a kick out of seeing how I've changed over the years. I know I sure do! I'm always like, "Wow, I was so young there!" Or, "Hey, I remember when I took that set!" I really get a blast out of it. My site's been online for years now and with any luck it'll be here for years to come! It's only thanks to support from fans like you that amateur sites like mine can stay online. Please click here to become a member today!
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